Lauren St. John

Prize-winning author of both adult and children's books. Born in Gatooma, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). She was brought up on a Rhodesian farm and game reserve where she began a love affair with horses. Her childhood however was not all idyllic, Rhodesia was at the time in the midst of a civil war and a friend of hers was killed. (She later wrote about these experiences in her autobiography Rainbow's End.) After leaving school she studied journalism, then
re-located to England where she worked in sports journalism for a number of years. As well as her biography, she has written a number of non-fictional works on sports and music and also some children's/young adult novels, some set in Africa, others set in England. In her latest young adult novel she re-visits her childhood love of horses in her acclaimed story of a girl who attempts to escape her grim inner city life and fulfil her dreams of become an eventer. Apparently there is a sequel on the way.

The author has her own website where you can find out more about her life and her other novels.

Pony Books:

(ORION 2012)
In print.
SUMMARY: Gritty horse story for young adults. Casey escapes her grim life with an ex-con father in an inner city London tower block by spending all her time at the stables and dreaming of competing at Badminton. When she rescues a starving horse she begins to dream of a way out of her dreary life. But can she escape her circumstances?

(ORION 2012)
SUMMARY: Book 3 of the Laura Marlin mystery series (this is the only horse-themed one in the series). Young animal loving detective Laura finds rescuing a neglected horse leads to her becoming embroiled in the murky world of race-fixing in Kentucky.

Collectors info:
One Dollar Horse is in print and available in both the UK and USA. It is also one of the few modern horse novels to be widely available in high street shops as well as the internet. Kentucky Thriller is also in print in both the USA and UK.

Books about the author:

Paperback original.
Reprinted in paperback by Phoenix.
Published in the USA by Scribners.
Still in print.
SUMMARY: Autobiography of the author's childhood growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). Her idyllic life surrounded by beautiful countryside and her beloved horses and pet giraffe is threatened by civil war and death.

Collectors info:
Still in print and available in the UK and USA. Used copies are also easy to find.